Aston Martins don't generally haul trailers, and these drivers show why.

Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen have been spending some time at the Red Bull Ring ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix in July, but the drivers haven’t been exclusively working at shaving time off their laps. The racers let off some steam by climbing into a pair of camper-towing Aston Martins for a little race around the circuit.

Red Bull Camper Race

Ricciardo climbs into an Aston Martin Vanquish Volante with 568 horsepower, and Verstappen has a more potent Vanquish S Volante with 595 hp. Don’t worry about the race not being even because these laps are more about having fun than finding the faster driver. Plus, towing the campers likely evens the playing field.

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These custom-painted trailers feature the liveries of each driver. According to Red Bull, they each weigh around 400 kilograms. For better performance around the track, they wear Pirelli slick tires. However, the sticky rubber doesn’t help much because these campers have one wheel high in the air in nearly every corner as the racers fling the Aston Martins around the circuit.

The guys can barely stop from laughing while engaging in this automotive lunacy. The winner doesn’t really matter, and the campers are looking rough by the end of the laps. Neither trailer ends the event in one piece.

Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing are currently forging a closer relationship as the two companies work together on the Valkyrie hypercar. The machine arrives in 2019 with a Cosworth-built 6.5-litre V12 with hybrid assistance producing a total output of 820 hp. The pair will build just 175 of them, including 150 for the road and 25 hardcore, track-only examples.

Source: Red Bull

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