If you lose a limb, your prosthesis could feature the brand's charging bull logo.

Some hardcore automotive fans might get a tattoo of their favourite brand, but true diehards might be able to make Lamborghini part of their body in the future. The Italian supercar maker is expanding its expertise in carbon fibre by launching a study into how to use the lightweight material for prosthetic implants and subcutaneous devices in the medical industry.


For this research, Lamborghini will work with the Houston Methodist Research Institute to create forms of carbon fibre that are better than the materials currently used in medicine. The company’s goal is to create something that’s lighter, more durable, and better tolerated by the human body. 

Lamborghini is pushing hard to become the industry leader in carbon fibre innovations. For example, the company opened a new research centre for its Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory in Seattle, Washington, last year. The ACSL was previously responsible for creating the company’s proprietary Forged Composite carbon fibre process that made the lightweight material easier to sculpt into complicated shapes. The material premiered on the Sesto Elemento and recently helped the Huracán Performante shave off 41 kilograms over the standard model.

More recent Lamborghini news:

Lambo is also working on developing carbon-fibre internal engine components for future production vehicles. The company believes that the parts could be lighter and stronger than traditional metal components. Reducing rotating mass inside the powerplant could create even quicker revving, more potent mills. In addition, the firm is working with Mitsubishi Rayon Company on a method to automate large-scale production of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic. 

The company began using carbon fibre on its production vehicles about 30 years ago on the Countach Quattrovalvole. Now, the lightweight material is a staple of the company’s machines. If the new medical research project is a success, Lambo’s carbon fibre could be inside you, too.

Source: Lamborghini

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