It crossed France by road en route to England.

Last week, Rolls-Royce unexpectedly unveiled this brand-new jewel, and it has definitely captured the attention of the motoring world. It is a completely unique one-of-one model that came to life at the request of a very fortunate customer who thus far has remained anonymous. It bears the name Sweptail due to its elegant design, and the least we can say is that the manufacturer flowed plenty of ink to make it a reality.

More on the luxurious Sweptail:

 The project started in 2013 and was unveiled in 2017 during the final presentation at the Villa d'Este. Since the debut it’s established itself as either a love-it-or-hate-it design, with as many speaking out for it as there are against it. The Rolls-Royce Sweptail is distinguished by its very elongated rear, which pretty much everyone loves. That contrasts with the very square front, which according to some leaves much to be desired. It is, of course, inspired by luxury yachts and the Rolls-Royce Boattail Speedster from the 1930's, making this particular model unlike any other car on the road. It may not the most beautiful Rolls, but it certainly has uniqueness.

It also has an eye-watering price tag. Rolls-Royce has not officially announced any tariffs, but rumours in the automotive world suggest the owner of this one-off creation paid $13 million USD to make it happen. That’s a mighty big sum of money to spend on a two-seater that, aside from its unique styling, doesn’t offer much else that’s groundbreaking. Still, it’s a custom-built Rolls-Royce, and it’s likely the most expensive new car on the planet.

The owner of this rolling boat seemingly has no intention of contemplating the car without taking the wheel for a drive. Upon presentation, the Rolls-Royce took to the road and crossed France before entering England. It was spotted in Annecy, near Lyon and Bordeaux, and given its rarity we may never see it on the road again.

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