Would you let a robot take care of you?

Autonomous cars are still at least a decade or so away, but many people are already open to the idea of being driven by a computer. In fact, as a recent survey revealed, U.S. customers are willing to pay $4,900 extra above the price of a normal car just to benefit from self-driving technologies.

Now, it turns out that many people would also be happy to let a robot operate on them instead of a surgeon at hospitals. According to a survey commissioned by Porsche Consulting, a subsidiary of Porsche that guides clients to “operational excellence via a unique combination of proven strategies and comprehensive implementation,” three out of four people in Germany would have no objection to being operated on by a robot. Twenty-three percent of the surveyed reject the use of medical robots.

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In general, people in Germany are also open to the idea of using robots to provide old-age care. Lifting patients out of bed, dispensing medications, and delivering food and drinks are typical tasks that could soon be performed by computer-controlled robots, and 56 percent of respondents would allow that.

Porsche’s study also examines the reasons for these results, and the shortage of qualified caregiving personnel is seen as a main factor. Additionally, robot care would enable people to stay at home and avoid having to move to a caregiving facility.

“Within three to five years, digitization will have reached a point where robots could assume a wide range of tasks in medicine and caregiving,” Dr. Roman Hipp, a partner at Porsche Consulting in charge of the healthcare sector, comments on the survey. “Advanced developments in medical technology have been helping to treat and care for people for a long time now. If doctors and nurses can be relieved of having to perform routine activities, this could reduce shortages and crisis situations in the healthcare sector.”

Source: Porsche Consulting

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