The supercharged SUV sounds as mean as it looks.

Jaguar Land Rover is extending its SVR performance moniker far beyond just the F-Type and Range Rover Sport. Both the XE sedan and F-Pace SUV will eventually get the hotted-up treatment, but most recently, the new Range Rover Velar was spotted with the upgrade at the Nurburgring.

Seen testing in this new video, the Range Rover Velar wears an aggressive new body – covered by camouflage, of course – and wields a more powerful engine. Reports point to a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 under the hood with as much as 550 horsepower and 502 pound-feet of torque, capable of propelling the large SUV to 100 kilometres per hour in just 4.2 seconds.

Land Rover Range Rover Velar Spy Pics
Land Rover Range Rover Velar Spy Pics

Most of the body proportions carry over from the base model, which we saw just a few months ago in Geneva, but a few unique cues should be pointed out. The wheels are bigger, as are the brakes, the body is lower, and the front fascia looks a bit more open to help cool the powerful engine. A new exhaust will likely be added in the rear.

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Another unique feature, as pointed out in previous spy photos, is the doors handles. The Velar SVR uses conventional door handles opposed to the sleek, flush units found on the standard model. Land Rover likely wanted to shave off a few pounds by removing the electric motors.

We still don’t know when exactly Land Rover will launch the Velar SVR in full, but expect to see it sometime in 2018. Pricing will likely start at around £90,000 (approx. $155,000 CAD), which would make it £7,500 (approx. $13,000 CAD) cheaper than the Range Rover Sport SVR.

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