The company also intends to build an unmanned version for hauling cargo.

There’s suddenly a lot of effort going into the creation of personal flying vehicles, including an attempt by a team of Toyota employees. The latest one we are seeing comes from a company called Neva Aerospace that aims to create the AirQuadOne as an aircraft that a pilot rides like an ATV. It’ll debut publicly at the Paris Air Show from June 19 to 25.


Neva AirQuadOne

The AirQuadOne uses a network of Neva’s proprietary static thrust electric turbofans. With 150 kilograms of batteries on board, the powertrain can propel the aircraft at up to 80 kilometres per hour. There’s also enough juice for vertical takeoff and landing. The batteries only hold enough power to let the vehicle remain airborne for around 30 minutes, though. The firm is considering a hybrid version for longer flights.

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Neva imagines people would use the AirQuadOne for a variety of jobs. In addition to being a recreational vehicle, the aircraft could do work in search & rescue, patrols, defense, and as an air taxi. A planned version as a drone could carry up to 100 kg of cargo. 

Neva is now working to get flight certification for the AirQuadOne from the FAA in the United States and EASA in Europe (no word yet on if the company is considering similar certification in Canada). The craft looks like it would be a lot of fun to fly, but the 30-minute flight time means the pilot needs to start thinking about where to land not very long after getting into the air.

The AirQuadOne’s nearest existing competitor is the Kitty Hawk Flyer, which has financing from Google co-founder Larry Page. It features a set of pontoons for use on land or water, and there are two simple controls.

Source: Neva Aerospace

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