The only thing this box needed was a big bow on top

Volvo Trucks marketing department continues to find ways to make semis interesting to people that would never own one. For its latest stunt, the company sets a Guinness World Record for the largest ever unboxing by letting a three-year-old boy open up a full-size big rig.

Volvo VNL Unboxing

Joel Jovine walks outside him home in Charlotte, North Carolina, only to find an 80-foot long box sitting on the road. Inside, there’s one of Volvo’s new VNL 760 long-haul semis. Jovine gets the honour of tearing open the package and checking out the truck. There are even some juice boxes for him in the sleeper section. Eventually, a driver even shows up to take Jovine for a ride.

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To earn the record, Volvo’s custom box had to cover the semi completely. A person also had to be able to open it by hand, without the aid of tools. In addition, the truck had to leave the package without destroying the box. The only building materials were cardboard, cellophane, and some internal reinforcement. 

Volvo VNL Unboxing

“Setting a Guinness World Records title was truly remarkable, but what was most rewarding for me was seeing Joel become so excited seeing the new Volvo VNL 760 revealed when he opened the box,” Magnus Koeck, vice president of marketing and brand management for Volvo Trucks North America, said.

Volvo Trucks knows that semis aren’t sexy, so the company finds novel ways to advertise them. Likely the most famous of these stunts was The Epic Split when the company advertised the dynamic steering system on its FM big rig by having Jean-Claude Van Damme do a split between two of them. The clip has earned over 86 million views on YouTube. Other feats have included having a hamster drive its FMX truck, and letting a four-year-old drive one via remote control. More recently, the company also hooked up a paraglider to an FH rig for showing off the high-speed cruising of its powertrain while climbing a mountain.

Source: Volvo Trucks, VolvoTrucksUSA via YouTube

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