If James Bond can do a barrel roll in an AMC Hornet, then Jaguar can do one in the new E-Pace

Jaguar has just unveiled its new E-Pace crossover, and to punctuate the grand debut, the luxury CUV has already earned a Guinness World Record Pace by doing the furthest ever barrel roll jump in a production vehicle. The stunt was a perfect follow-up to the F-Pace premiere in 2015 when the model set a record by completing a 19.08-metre (62.6-foot) loop.

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The jump takes inspiration from the famous stunt in Roger Moore’s James Bond film Man with the Golden Gun where he did a barrel roll in an AMC Hornet (watch it below.) The E-Pace is definitely a better-looking vehicle than the old AMC. According to Jaguar, “a barrel roll in itself in a car is challenging, but to be done in an SUV demonstrates not only the capabilities of the driver but the agility of the car itself.”


Professional stunt driver Terry Grant piloted the E-Pace through the barrel roll. It’s hard to imagine a better person for the job because he holds 24 Guinness World Records, including ones for the earlier F-Pace loop, driving a Nissan Juke on two wheels, and reversing a Nissan Leaf.

Jaguar E-Pace Barrel Roll

In Europe, the E-Pace is available with a pair of engines in several tunes. A 2.0-litre diesel comes in 148 horsepower, 177 hp, and 237 hp versions. A 2.0-litre turbocharged gasoline-fueled engine has 245 hp or a range-topping 296 hp. The lowest-spec diesel models are available with a six-speed manual, and the rest of the lineup comes with a nine-speed automatic. To learn all the ins and outs about Jaguar’s smaller crossover, check out Motor1’s story detailing the E-Pace’s debut.

The E-Pace will go on sale in Canada in early 2018. Next year, Jag's CUV lineup will further grow with the introduction of the electric I-Pace.


Source: Jaguar


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