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Some would say Mercedes should have focused on a different segment of the market rather than coming out with the X-Class. The head honchos at the three-pointed star company beg to differ as they’ve done the analysis and figured out there is room in our wonderful automotive world for a premium pickup. Its closest rival will be the Volkswagen Amarok, also a posh workhorse but not on the same level with the “Mercedes among pickups” as the X-Class is being described in the press release.

It will be available in three distinct flavors: Pure, Progressive, and Power. The first of the bunch – pictured in the gallery in black – will act as the base version tailored to those on the look for a rugged pickup truck riding on steel wheels and without a long list of goodies that would jack up the price. The mid-range trim is the yellow one with more comfort functions and an upscale exterior.


Unveiled in detail:


The top-of-the-line Power finished in white has all the bells and whistles, including leather upholstery and the bigger display for the infotainment system. It also gets a chromed bumper, fancier air vents, electrically adjustable seats, and an optional Style Package. Mercedes-Benz Vans will sell the X-Class with a ton of accessories, ranging from soft and hard tonneau covers to a canopy that makes the pickup truck look more like an SUV.

The first-ever X-Class will boast the brightest light output in its segment thanks to LED headlights with six light-emitting diodes in each cluster. The rearview camera can be complemented by an optional 360-degree camera to see everything that’s going on around the vehicle.

Europe, Australia, and South Africa will be the first markets to get the X-Class after production at Nissan’s plant in Barcelona, Spain will kick off later in the year. From 2019, the Renault factory in Argentina will commence assembly for the Latin American market.

In Germany, Mercedes is asking €37,294 (about $54,000 CAD) for the base X-Class Pure. For reference, the Nissan Navara upon which is based starts at €26,910 (about $39,000 CAD).



Source: Mercedes-Benz


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