Orange you glad BMW is coming out with a retrolicious 3 Series?

Special versions come and go, but BMW is doing things differently this time as it has decided to revisit the 3 Series Edition originally unveiled in May to celebrate the production start by bringing along its source of inspiration. It’s a first-generation 3 Series (E21), which was the first model in its class to feature six-cylinder engines. The 320 launched in the fall of 1977 had 122 horsepower and was followed several months later by the punchier 323 with 143 hp on tap.

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The original 3 Series was offered initially with an Inca Orange shade before switching to a Phoenix Orange hue, so it comes as no surprise the F30 sedan seen here wears a similar striking paint dubbed Sunset Orange. You can have it not just as a sedan, but also as a more practical Touring model in three distinct flavours: Edition Sport Line Shadow, the Edition Luxury Line Purity, and the Edition M Sport Shadow.

The Sport ones can be visually distinguished by their black inserts in the headlights and taillights, a blacked-out kidney grille, 18-inch wheels with a double-spoke design, and more black accents for the lower air intake and the exhaust tips. Go for the M Sport Shadow and BMW will also throw in M alloys and an aero package.

BMW 3 Series Special Edition
BMW 3 Series Special Edition

As for the Luxury Line Purity pictured above, this is a fancy version of the 3 Series with satin-finished aluminum accents noticeable on the side window surrounds, grille, air intake inserts, and rear bumper cover. This one sits on 17-inch wheels with a special design.

The interiors are also different depending on which of the three you select, but all share a contrast stitching on the dash and come with an upgraded instrument cluster featuring more functions. As you can imagine, the Sport-badged versions have a number of M items, whereas the Luxury variant gets a plush leather upholstery in a new Cognac colour combined with wood trim strips and pearlescent chrome accents.

All three Edition cars come as standard with LED headlights and fog lights, just like the regular recently updated 3 Series models. You can order the retro-inspired 3 Series with a multitude of engines, kicking off with the 116-hp diesel inside the 316d all the way up to the 326-hp straight-six powering the 340i.

Introduced in the summer of 1975 as a replacement for the 02 Series, BMW’s most successful model has racked up more than 15 million sales. The seventh generation (codenamed G20) is expected to make its debut towards the end of 2018 or early 2019.

Source: BMW

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