We'd watch a movie where a Civic Type R fights a giant robot.

Honda is a star of automotive advertising after visually arresting commercials like Cog for the Accord and Paper highlighting the company’s innovations. In an impressive new spot called Dream Makers, the firm highlights its current lineup by making the vehicles movie stars.

The Civic races a train as the getaway car in a crime caper. The CR-V has a close encounter with a UFO. A couple on an Africa Twin motorcycle runs from the cops in the desert, and finally a Civic Type R faces off against a giant robot rampaging through a Japanese city.

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The spot is visually amazing. Each vignette goes through the filmmaking process. We initially see the script. Then the vehicle transforms from a storyboard drawing to a CG rendering and eventually to the actual scene. Each bit ends with tearing everything away before transitioning to the next story.

The Civic Type R section is most impressive because the giant robot goes through a variety of designs before finding the final form. The city also gradually forms around the car in the scene. It’s a cool effect for a commercial.

Honda's exciting commercial will specifically air with films on Britain’s Channel 4 for the next year, according to Adweek.

Source: Adweek

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