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The one-millionth 911 might be the talk of the Porsche town these days, but the sports car manufacturer from Zuffenhausen has decided to show some love to the one before the milestone vehicle. While the 911 number 1,000,000 was a Carrera S coupe with an Irish Green paint heading to the museum, the 999,999th unit is a red Targa 4 GTS en route to its owner in Ontario.

Seeing as how it narrowly missed becoming the milestone car, this gorgeous droptop can be labeled as the 911 equivalent of Bad Luck Brian. However, some will argue you can’t correctly count to one million if you’re skipping 999,999. In other words, the droptop is just as important as the 999,998 Nine Elevens before it as the one-millionth 911 wouldn’t have existed without them.

More news on the 911:

Based in Ontario, Rob Tenuta is at his third Porsche now after buying a Cayman back in 2006 and a 911 Turbo five years later. Out of the three, the Targa is the only one he actually took the time to configure to perfectly meet his preferences, as he usually buys cars on impulse without putting much thought into it.

Naturally, the 51-year-old contractor from Woodbridge was informed by Porsche his Targa 4 GTS would turn out to be the number 999,999 911, and it was at that moment that he said to himself: “this baby’s a keeper.” It’s not like he could have actually owned the one-millionth car anyway since that one has embarked on a world tour and after that it will be transferred to the Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen.

Porsche, if you’re paying attention, we’re now eager to find out details and see images of the 1,000,001th car … But the automaker might not hear us as it’s busy these days putting the finishing touches on the updated GT3 RS. At the same time, it’s also working on the next-generation 911.

Source: Porsche

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