Ford’s "Good Neighbor" active exhaust can be programmed for quiet operation at certain times.

Who doesn’t love a well-tuned, throaty exhaust note? According to Ford, that would be your neighbours. Actually, Ford points to a list from Ranker on the noises neighbours hate most and sadly, revving car engines is currently in the top three. While we’d simply argue that you need better neighbours, Ford is offering a new option for the 2018 Mustang GT called Good Neighbor Mode (yes, that's the real name) that quiets the car down, so you don’t ruffle any feathers like Steve von Foerster did.

Wait, Steve who?

Check out:

Steve von Foerster is Ford’s former head of vehicle engineering and current head of the company’s user experience team. One morning while backing a Mustang Shelby GT350 out of his driveway, a nosy neighbour called the cops to report the offending sound. Nothing came of the incident, save for von Foerster thinking it might be a nice gesture to put some kind of quiet mode on the Blue Oval’s newest Mustang so sensitive ears aren’t offended be the sound of America. Seriously? Yeah, seriously.




There are already several cars on the market with active exhaust systems that can generate more or less noise on demand, but Ford says Good Neighbor Mode is the industry’s first system with both a quiet start mode, and a timer that can be programmed to automatically set the exhaust note to quiet during certain times. It works in conjunction with the other features of Ford’s active valve performance exhaust for the new Mustang GT, which means yes, you can also crank the engine volume to make especially sure your fragile neighbours hear the beast come to life.

Honestly, we didn’t think a factory-stock 5.0-litre Mustang was very loud in the first place. Nevertheless, this will be a neat feature for those who want to hear the engine’s roar without being blacklisted from Todd and Margo’s monthly backyard brunch. All things considered, we’d rather have the roar.

Source: Ford

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