The horn honks if it senses that drivers might have left something in the back.

Nissan is the latest automaker to introduce a rear seat reminder so that frazzled parents don’t leave their kids in a hot back seat. The company’s Rear Door Alert honks the horn if it senses that a child might still be in the vehicle once mom or dad gets out. The tech is standard equipment on the 2018 Pathfinder, which goes on sale in September. 

Nissan Pathfinder Rear Door Alert

Rear Door Alert monitors the back doors to see when they open and close. If the tech finds that a rear door opened before a trip but wasn’t opened again after the ignition turned off, then there’s initially a warning on the instrument panel. If nothing happens, then the horn honks to remind owners that there could be something there. Drivers can temporarily or permanently disable the Rear Door Alert, too.

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“The idea is if you open a rear door, whether to put a child or a package in the rear seat, the vehicle will help alert you when you get to your destination that you may want to check the rear seat,” said Marlene Mendoza, a mechanical engineer at Nissan who helped develop Rear Door Alert. “We’ve built in enough time that you don’t have to rush, but if you don’t open the rear door again when you get out of the vehicle, we want to think for a moment about what you may have put in the back seat.”

After arriving on the Pathfinder, Rear Door Alert will appear in other Nissan models soon.

General Motors was among the first automakers to introduce tech like this with its Rear Seat Reminder. The system also monitors whether the rear door opens before a trip, and when the engine shuts off at the end of a journey, there are immediate chimes and the message “rear seat reminder/look in rear seat." The feature is available on a variety models from Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC.

Source: Nissan

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