A carbon fibre body kit and new wheels give the grand tourer a little more style, too.

The McLaren 570GT is the brand’s softer supercar thanks to a more compliant suspension and extra storage. If owners eventually decide they would prefer something a little more hardcore, then Novitec now offers a tuning package for getting more performance out of McLaren’s grand tourer.

McLaren 570GT By Novitec

The speed boost comes from engine upgrades that boost the output to 637 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque. This represents a healthy upgrade from the biturbo 3.8-litre V8’s stock 562 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. After the improvements, the 570GT can reach 100 kilometres per hour from a standstill in 3.0 seconds, rather than 3.4 seconds before them. Top speed jumps slightly to 335 km/h from 328 km/h before the tweaks. The adjustments should be enough to scare your friends even more than the regular model.

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To achieve so much power, Novitec tweaks the electronic engine controls, including fiddling with the injection, ignition, and boost pressure. The company’s inconel (a nickel-chromium alloy) exhaust also helps maximize the upgrades.

Part of the way McLaren makes the 570GT so comfortable on the road is by reducing the front and rear spring rates by 15 and 10 percent, respectively, compared to the 570S. Novitec offers a set of sport springs that removes some of the cushiness and drops the ride height by a significant 30 millimetres.

McLaren 570GT By Novitec

Novitec also fits a carbon fibre body kit with slight changes to the 570GT’s standard look. The tuner claims that wind tunnel testing ensures “these components further enhance the aerodynamic efficiency.” A new front spoiler gives the McLaren a sharp-edged face that perfectly fits the model’s styling, and Novitec claims the part reduces axle lift. A curvaceous spoiler also sits on the rear deck, and there are larger air intakes on each door, which seem to borrow from the Audi R8’s aesthetic.  Look close and you can see that Novitec slightly extends the side sills, too.

This 570GT rides on Novitec’s MC1 forged wheels with an array of five sets of dual spokes. The parts are 20 inches in diameter up front with 235/30 tires and have a 21-inch diameter in the rear with 305/30 rubber.

Source: Novitec

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