Ferrari is paying tribute to the traditions of the Middle East region by releasing a clip shot in the deserts surrounding the Liwa Oasis.

The Prancing Horse is selling a lot of cars in the Middle East so it’s no wonder Ferrari has now decided to promote that area through a video featuring a duo of California T models. “Deserto Rosso” is Italian for “Red Desert” and reflects not just the company’s signature color, but also the crimson dunes of Arabia’s deepest deserts.

The video was shot over the course of 24 hours in an area that has some of the highest sand dunes in the entire world. The California Ts were recorded while going through the terrain of the “Empty Quarter” which is known locally as the “Rub’ al Khali.” Ferrari motivates the decision to pick the California for this video because its “sublime elegance, sportiness, innovation and exclusivity” is a match for the “breathtaking beauty and sublime diversity of the desert environment.”

As a reminder, the California made the switch to turbocharging a couple of years ago and the most recent update is a new Handling Speciale package launched last week. The latter brings special calibrations to the suspension, a new exhaust system, and some minor cosmetic revisions. It will be showcased in a little over a month at the Geneva Motor Show.

Source: Ferrari

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