Luxury watchmaker Hublot has unveiled its new MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire.


Essentially a more exclusive version of the MP-05 LaFerrari, the MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire was developed over the course of 18 months and features a case carved out of sapphire. The case is machined from seven blocks of sapphire and this process requires more than 600 hours work. The end result in truly impressive as the watch's movement "appears to be literally suspended in mid-air."

Speaking of the movement, it features 637 components and has a tourbillon that provides an impressive 50-day power reserve. When the watch needs to be wound, owners use a miniature power drill that is modeled after the tire-changing tool used in Formula 1 racing.

The unique styling carries over to the band as buyers will receive a transparent silicon strap with a clasp that has components carved from sapphire.

Production will be limited to 20 units and pricing will likely start in excess of $300,000 USD (approximately $405,000 CAD at current exchange rates).

While the watch is expected to cost more than the Ferrari California T, it eschews the LaFerrari's hybridized powertrain that enabled the car to produce a combined maximum output 950 horsepower. This allows the car to accelerate from 0-100 kilometres per hour (0-62 miles per hour) in less than three seconds before hitting a top speed in excess of 350 km/h (217 mph).

Source: Hublot via Carscoops

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