Get everything you need to know about upcoming Canadian F1 race., our sister company dedicated to all forms of racing, has the best way for you to prepare for this weekend’s Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix. The exclusive video series is called Inside Grand Prix, and it has everything you need to know from the seasoned veteran to the beginner ready for casual watercooler chat about the upcoming race that is about to kick off.

As drivers and teams prepare for Montreal's legendary Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, our Inside Grand Prix series gives you an update on the latest news and technical challenges in the Formula 1 championship. The video includes interviews with top drivers like Nico Hulkenberg and Lewis Hamilton but also covers topics regarding the country, the culture, region and how the drivers view the local nightlife and the track itself.

The kind of F1 video content you will not find anywhere else.

For the full download on what to expect to at the Canadian Grand Prix, check out both Inside Grand Prix videos from, and come back every two weeks for a new inside scoop about all the latest and greatest F1 news. For more up-to-the-minute coverage of all things F1, visit


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