Michael Dunlop's blistering pace isn't for the squeamish.

By: Brandon Turkus

At a glance, the URL for the Isle of Man TT's website – iomtt.com – looks kinda like the word "vomit." Coincidentally, blowing chunks is exactly what this video of Michael Dunlop's record-breaking run at this year's event makes me want to do.

Dunlop made headlines over the weekend when he completed the 38-mile Snaefell Mountain Course in just 16 minutes, 58.254 seconds. That's an average speed of 214.675 kilometres per hour. On a road course. On a motorcycle. Without knowing that, you'd think the above video is just a fast-forward through the footage from the fairing-mounted camera of Dunlop's RST Superbike TT. It isn't. You're seeing things come up as quickly as the bike's rider, who must be some kind of a Jedi or something.

The 27-year-old carries a blistering pace as he cuts through the green scenery and small villages lining the course, popping the occasional wheelie and blowing past the spectators lining sections of the course. It really is a sight to see... unless you suffer from motion sickness. In which case, you'll be content just checking out our original story on Dunlop's record-breaking run.

Source: Autoblog.com

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