Yes, we're always geeked when LEGO builds a new car model.

This new model is of an old model, of course: the Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle. It has a '60s theme that includes a surfboard for the roof rack and period-correct hubcaps.

LEGO Creator Expert set 10252 has 1,167 pieces and measures 280 millimetres (11 inches) high, 254 mm (10 in) long, and 102 mm (four inches) wide. The roof lifts off to reveal a beige brick interior with movable seats, and the doors, hood, and trunk all open. There's a spare tire in the frunk and you can see a little air-cooled four in back. The set comes with decals that give the builder a choice of four license plates, including a surfer-appropriate California design and one from Wolfsburg, Germany, where the car was born. The surf stickers on the rear window are a nice touch, too.

LEGO VW Beetle

Nerds like me will recall that is not the first LEGO Beetle model. Set 10187 was a much brickier take on the very rounded German car, both in form and number of pieces. In fact, the LEGO designers made a new curved piece for the bumpers on this car to get the fenders to look right. (More on that in the video above.) The blocky two-tone Sculpture model was released in 2008 and used 1,626 pieces. It was also a good deal larger than this one. Sealed boxes of that set are rare, and sell for about $500 online right now, although they may see residual values drop once this new interpretation hits the market.

The cute blue Bug goes on sale August 1 and will retail for approximately $130.00 CDN ($99.99 USD).


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