Supercar is offered in bare, unpainted carbon fiber.

It’s not every day that there’s a chance to buy one of Ferrari’s most iconic supercars, much less one that wears exposed carbon fibre bodywork. Missouri’s Exotic Motors Midwest is selling a 2004 Ferrari Enzo in the unique design, listing the rare car for about $4,485,000 million CDN ($3.5 million USD).

According to duPont Registry, this was the only Ferrari Enzo to leave the factory with its carbon bodywork covered only in a protective clear coat, with no paint concealing the lightweight material’s weave. That makes this particular Enzo even rarer than other examples of the car, of which only 400 were sold worldwide.

With a 6.0-litre V12 engine rated for 660 horsepower and an F1 sequential transmission that could shift in just 150 milliseconds, the Ferrari Enzo could top 349 kilometres per hour (217 miles per hour). Active aerodynamics helped it generate up to 1,700 pounds of downforce at 299 km/h (186 mph). The Enzo was also the first Ferrari road car to feature Brembo-sourced carbon-ceramic brakes.

It remains to be seen how close to the nearly $4.5 million asking price this Ferrari Enzo will command; Hagerty Insurance says typical values for used Enzos range from $2,563,000-$3,716,000 CDN ($2.0-$2.9 million USD).

Source: duPont Registry

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