In video, driver attempts to pull into a small garage at an angle that clearly won't allow for entry.

Behold the video of what might be the worst parking job ever attempted in the history of the automobile. Watching this Vancouver driver struggle to park an expensive Porsche Cayenne is the very definition of "cringeworthy."

Besides the entertainment value on display here, the person who posted the video to Youtube claims that it helped Vancouver police identify the driver (who apparently didn't have a licence) of the Porsche in a previous hit-and-run incident.

In the video, the 16 year old driver attempts to pull into a small garage door at an angle that clearly won't allow for entry. Instead of reversing and slowly trying to fix the problem, the driver seems to think hitting the throttle and forcing the car in is the answer. 

Judging by the tire falling completely off the front right wheel, the distressing sound of metal crunching against a wall, and plastic pieces literally flying off the Cayenne's body as it's forced inside, this is the exact wrong way to park a luxury SUV. It was discovered later that the driver's parents were not living at the home during the incident and should be thrilled to see what went on in their absence.

Vancouver police told CTV news that the driver hit a parked car on June 16, but failed to remain at the scene. They had a description of the vehicle that matched the SUV in the video, and based on that recording, "it wasn't overly difficult to connect the dots" Const. Brian Montague told CTV News.

What would have been a fine of a few hundred dollars for hitting a car has now snowballed into several charges for the driver, including driving without due care and attention, driving without a licence, hit and run, and failing to remain at the scene.

Here's hoping the poor Cayenne in the middle of all this ends up being driven by someone far more respectful in the future, and someone with a licence.

Source: CTV News

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