Denim finish on the inside combined with a sunset look on the outside.

Shortly after dressing up the BMW i8 in a livery inspired by a painting, Garage Italia Customs embarked upon another project with an entirely different car. This time around, it’s a latest-generation MX-5 and the source of inspiration was yet another form of art, the glamorous motion picture. To be exact, the folks behind the project thought of Bruce Brown’s 1966 “Endless Summer” movie when they customized the roadster both inside and out.

What you see here was actually commissioned by zoom-zoom itself, Mazda. Work started on the outside where the MX-5 received a unique livery to mimic the “long summer sunsets” with a bright orange hue that fades in indigo above the waistline to give the MX-5 a special look. Garage Italia Customs picked from Mazda’s accessories line a 17-inch diamond-cut alloy wheel set to go with the new body look.

Mazda MX-5 Levanto by Garage Italia Customs

The two-tone appearance of the exterior continues inside the cabin which has received a predominantly denim finish with orange accents to provide contrast and boost the visual impact. The seats combine a washable denim upholstery with Alcantara finished in a nautical blue tone which has also been applied onto the door handles.

Strictly a one-off project, the Mazda MX-5 Miata by Garage Italia Customs has been baptized “Levanto” as a nod to the municipality in the La Spezia province in Italy known for its crystal clear water and considered to be the place where Italian surfing came to life.

Source: Garage Italia Customs

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