Outrageous video was taken on car cruise in Lithuania featuring lowered, stanced vehicles.

A recent cruise to a car meet featured some dramatically lowered vehicles that resulted in one Saab 9-3 sedan ending up on three wheels.

The YouTube video was taken on a road in Lithuania, and featured "stanced," lowered cars in a tight convoy. The cars, which included two E36 BMW M3s, are also "hellaflush," meaning the wheels are flush with the (rolled) fenders, allowing for an even lower ride height. The modification is more for an extreme look than any measurable performance gain.

A red Saab 9-3 flies by the camera at a high speed, and without any warning, the front driver-side wheel comes completely off, nearly taking out the camera being used by the chase vehicle.

It's just one of the many pitfalls that come with owning a vehicle that's too low to the ground - I'm sure the Saab owner also avoided speed bumps like they're going out of style and any driveway inclines over 2-degrees. 

With no room to place a jack, the video later shows several strong men lifting the immobilized car in order to have the jack slid underneath.

This may be why the act of making cars hellaflush is illegal in the province of Quebec. The province deemed those modified vehicles unsafe, and banned them back in 2014.

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