The Huracan, followed closely by a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, was running Toronto Motorsports Park, located southwest of Toronto, in reverse, and dove too hard into a left-hander.

Not everyone was created equal, and not everyone was born to drive a Lamborghini Huracan 610-4 supercar, as the driver in this video so clearly illustrated at a Toronto-area track recently.

The Huracan, which was being followed closely by a 707 hp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, was running Toronto Motorsports Park (TMP) in reverse, and was coming up to a hard left. Instead of taking the turn properly with a slow-in, fast-out approach, the driver simply couldn't brake and drove off the track and onto the grass.

He was still going plenty fast enough to cause damage had he hit the concrete barrier, but he was lucky enough to come up to a gap in the concrete sections and drove through, no harm, no foul. Consequences could have been much different had there been no gap or people standing anywhere near the barriers. He quickly does a victory donut on the grass and then drives right back on to the track and speeds off in front of the Hellcat like nothing ever happened. Had there been any safety marshal at the track black flags would have flown high and his day, possibly season would be done.

We see the helmet-less driver - decked out in baseball cap, tank top, and high-tops - get out after finishing his run and talk over about a half-dozen idling engines about not panicking in that situation. The YouTube description attributes the missed turn to brake failure - we side with driver over-confidence and error. A close-up of the Huracan's front lip spoiler, meanwhile, shows nothing more than some dirt and possibly a small scratch or two.

Whatever the reason behind the near-collision, we're just glad the Lamborghini made it out relatively unscathed, and no one ended up hurt.

Source: TheStraightPipes Youtube page

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