In a video uploaded to inventor's YouTube page, a very Canadian Toyota Echo travels on a driveway in every possible direction.

If you never did manage to learn how to properly parallel park your car, an intrepid inventor has the answer for you with the radical Liddiard Wheels technology.

Simply put, these patent-pending wheels can travel sideways, allowing cars - or "anything with a wheel" according to London, Ontario-based inventor William Liddiard - to move in any direction from a standstill.

In a video uploaded to Liddiard's YouTube page, a very Canadian vehicle in the form of a two-door Toyota Echo (with Ontario licence plates no less) travels on a driveway in every possible direction. Besides moving left and right, it also does complete 180's without ever leaving its centre-point in the driveway.

In an email to Motor1 Canada, Liddiard explains how the invention works: "Essentially, the rim is mechanical (driven rollers), and the tires roll inward upon themselves." He also says there's 24,000 pound-feet of torque directly on the tires. The 1:00 mark of the video provides a better view of what's happening.

What's even more impressive is Liddiard's claims that these tires can be used in all weather and road conditions, and can even use the same build characteristics as conventional tires, such as rubber compounds, grooves, etc. To prove his point, the Echo reverses out of the driveway at the end of the video and drives off, just like any car would.

Liddiard says he's been working on the tech for several years in his free time. The video almost looks like it was created using CG, but that may be a testament to how groundbreaking the wheels are.

We have no idea if or when this game-changing invention will be patented, but until then, it would be wise to keep practicing parallel parking the old-fashioned way.

Source: William Liddiard

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