Some people are so obsessed with "catching them all" that they're willing to put their lives - and other peoples' lives - at risk.

The Pokemon Go craze has Canadian drivers doing odd and even dangerous things on the road, which is a testament both to the popularity of the Pokemon video game series, and to often questionable life decisions made by adults.

Pokemon Go, which is a smartphone app that has players searching real life places for virtual characters, has taken off in countries all over the world. Players are so obsessed with "catching them all" that they're willing to put their lives - and the lives of others at risk.

According to the Toronto Star, one eager player in Quebec City, QC was so fixated on the game that he backed his vehicle into a police car, injuring two officers.

In Vancouver, BC meanwhile, one entrepreneur is offering to act as a chauffeur, driving players around in his or her Mercedes-Benz SUV in order to visit the game's "Poke Stops," which offer items and other in-game goodies. His rate, as posted on a Craigslist ad, is $50 per hour, and an additional $40 for every hour after that. Extra passengers, meanwhile, are $10 a pop!

It's worth mentioning that most places in Canada have distracted driving laws, and anyone holding a handheld device while behind the wheel could be charged. In Alberta, for instance, breaking the distracted driving law will result in a $287 fine and three demerit points. In Quebec, it's $115 for a first infraction, plus up to four demerit points. In Ontario, meanwhile, fines range from $490 to $1,000, along with three demerit points.

What that means is that if you're keen on catching every possible Pokemon, it's probably a good idea to park the car. Make sure to keep your head up while you're at it, too. We don't want you falling off cliffs or entering private property, as some people in other countries reportedly already have.

Currently Pokemon Go is not yet officially available for Apple iOS or Android devices but Canadians have found a way.

Source: Toronto Star, Craigslist

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