This is likely the rumoured mid-engine Corvette

There’s little doubt that Chevrolet is considering something big for the Corvette’s future, but the website for an engineering and performance company might give us a hint at what to look for, according to Motor Authority. Katech is a company with a history in motorsports, including working with General Motors on the Corvette C6.R GT1, Cadillac CTS-V.R in the SCCA World Challenge, and other projects. Now, the firm has a listing for the “C8 Corvette ZR1/Zora" online with the description “in development.”

The page has a few intriguing clues on it. For example, the site shows the model year as 2018+, which fits with rumours about the mid-engine Corvette. According to this info, the engine is the LT5, which GM doesn’t currently offer. The last time the company used that moniker was the 5.7-litre overhead-cam V8 in the C4 generation Corvette ZR-1.

Even if this page is just a placeholder, it seems odd to create a listing for a vehicle that doesn’t yet officially exist. Motor1 reached out to Katech for more information.

The page seems to be more evidence that Chevy intends to build a Corvette that might have a mid-mounted engine and performance above the current Z06. Spy shots allegedly showed an early development mule in January 2015, and a new batch recently caught a more complete vehicle on the test track. The model’s plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky, also received over $700 million for technology upgrades and a new paint shop. Rumours have indicated a possible debut for the C8/ZR-1/Zora at the 2017 North American International Auto Show this January in Detroit, and speculation suggested the current ‘Vette would remain in production for at least a little while after the next one hits the scene.

Source: Motor Authority, Katech

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