Customer race car will contest booming GT4 category

The GT4 racing category is booming at the moment and BMW has announced it will get in on the action from 2018 with the M4 GT4.

The rules allow only limited modifications to the base car, and BMW says the race car’s drivetrain and electronics will be lifted wholesale from the M4 road car. That means power will come from a twin-turbo, 3.0-litre, straight-six engine driving the rear wheels. As standard, it produces 431 horsepower, but the GT4’s output will be determined by Balance of Performance equalization.

Carbon fibre can be found on the hood and doors, in order to shave off some pounds, while a front splitter and rear wing add downforce. A race exhaust aids the engine’s breathing, and the seats, brakes, and pedal box “use solutions carried over from the M6 GT3.”

The M4 GT4 will slot into BMW Motorsport’s range of customer race cars between the entry-level M235i Racing and the big M6 GT3. BMW’s previous entry into the GT4 category, the V8-engined M3 GT4, proved popular with teams, and many are still racing it.

Incidentally, Dutch outfit Ekris Motorsport builds its own GT4-spec M4, developed entirely independently, which it races in the GT4 Euroseries under the Racing for Holland banner.  

The factory BMW M4 GT4 will be eligible for any of the myriad series around the world that accept GT4-spec machinery. Deliveries to customer teams will begin in time for the start of the 2018 season.

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