Should put an end to those hairdresser's car jokes once and for all.

Probably the maddest MX-5 of the ND generation so far, the Miata you see right here may look like an ordinary 2016MY, but it’s hiding a big secret. Gone is Mazda’s 2.0-litre SkyActiv-G engine as instead the talented folks from Flyin’ Miata have squeezed in an LS3 V8 engine from General Motors delivering a healthy 525 horsepower.

If you’re worried about the Miata gaining some serious fat as a result of the heart transplant, don’t be. It weighs 1,175 kilograms (2,592 pounds) which makes it only 119 kg (264 lbs) heavier than the standard model. The weight gain is not a big deal at all taking into account the V8-powered model has an additional 370 hp compared to the standard Miata. 53.4 percent of the weight is up front while the remaining 46.6 percent is distributed at the back, so it’s very similar to the 52:48 of the stock model.

Aside from gaining an LS3 engine, the modified Miata also features a six-speed T56 Termec manual gearbox and a Camaro SS-sourced differential. In addition, Flyin’ Miata has installed a custom Corvette-styled exhaust, and has a number of other upgrades available at an additional cost, including a carbon fiber driveshaft, beefier brakes, a roll bar, and an aluminum oil pan.

In terms of pricing, conversion kicks off at $49,995 USD (without the car) and you get a 430-hp 6.2-liter LS3 V8. Spend an extra $1,780 USD and you can have the 525-hp unit. Flyin’ Miata is already taking orders and you can check out all the specs and options at the source link below.

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