Tesla’s so-called “Master Plan” doesn’t include an electric supercar…at least not yet.

But that hasn’t stopped the Internet from developing its own ideas of what the hypothetical electric coupe would look like. We’ve seen a few renderings in the past (including our own), but maybe none as dramatic as this.

Like the former two concepts we’ve featured previously, this one is also dubbed the ‘Model R,’ and though it may not be as sleek or eye-catching as what we’ve seen visualized in the past, it’ll definitely put your jaw on the floor, for better or worse.

The folks at CarWow debuted their version of the perpetuated Model R, and it’s something of a mix between a Rimac—an already existing electric hypercar—and a Mazda concept, something akin to the aggressive Furai.

Tesla Model R rendering by CarWow

The mix isn’t exactly what you’d call ‘beautiful,’ but it’s still interesting nonetheless. Its creators didn’t go so far as telling us what could possibly be under the hood—other than electricity—but if one had to hazard a guess, we could only imagine a 0-60 time of about 2.5 seconds, and somewhere near 1,000 horsepower.

Considering an aggressive, two-door supercar isn’t part of Elon Musk’s “Master Plan,” don’t expect to see the Model R hitting the streets anytime soon. A new roadster, a CUV, a bus, and even an electric semi are all planned down the pipeline. Maybe, if we’re lucky, a supercar will follow not too long after.

Source: BoldRide.com

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