Clearly wasn't getting enough plastic in its diet

The Siberian Tigers of Baldaling Wildlife World, a drive-through safari park north of Beijing, China, probably don't have much variety in their diet. Mostly deer and wild pigs, I'd imagine. But whatever it is they eat, this one clearly felt it was missing something. Something plasticky and Volkswagen-flavoured.

This extraordinary footage was shot by a passenger in a Volkswagen Jetta. The huge tiger saunters up to the front of the car and, for whatever reason, decides it wants the bumper. The passengers let out a few frightened shrieks, but wisely let the cat get on with it. Well, would you argue with it?

Having claimed its prize, the tiger drags the bumper off into the trees and toys with it. It seems to be treating the bumper more as a chew toy than food, but who knows what it is was thinking? Not that it matters, anyway. What a Siberian Tiger wants, a Siberian Tiger gets.

The footage cuts to some time later, with a view of the damage. Someone had bravely retrieved the bumper and the damage to it is, quite frankly, shocking, and is full of holes and tears where the cat had bitten clean through it. This tells us either that the plastics used on Chinese-made VW Jettas are garbage, or that a Siberian Tiger's bite is incredibly powerful.

What this incident makes clear, though, is that cats are always cats, whether they're playing with a ball of yarn or a compact automobile. For further proof, here's a gigantic lion chewing on a Chevrolet Camaro as if it's a squeeze toy.



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