The firm also offers carbon fibre wheels

High-end tuner Vitesse AuDessus has a thing for carbon fibre, and the firm is working with the European designers at Bengala Automotive on a very special package for the current range of Rolls-Royce vehicles, including the Phantom models, Wraith, Dawn, and Ghost. The parts use a compressed carbon matrix that’s similar to the Forged Carbon Fibre from Lamborghini and Callaway. The aftermarket company claims this is the first time the material is available on an automobile “as an aesthetic offering.”

Bengala Automotive gives the carbon fibre parts a subdued design, but they still bestow a more a commanding presence on the vehicles. However, the components aren’t cheap, which you might expect from the high-tech material. For example, a hood goes for $7,250 (approx. $9,475 CAD), a grille surround for $3,875 to $4,125 (approx. $5,075 to $5,390 CAD), mirrors for $3,125 (approx. $4,085 CAD), and the windshield surround for $3,100 to $3,480 (approx. $4,050 to $4,545 CAD). Wraith owners can also get a lightweight roof and decklid for $9,655 and $6,950 (approx. $12,615 and $9,080 CAD) respectively.

For customers who want to complete the look, Vitesse AuDessus also builds forged carbon fibre wheels for the Rolls-Royce models. The company claims they “meet or exceed manufacturer standards.” The parts come with the extra performance advantage of significantly lowering unsprung weight. They start at an eye-watering $21,500 (approx. $28,000 CAD) a set and require four to six weeks for delivery.

Someday this tech could make even better carbon fibre components more accessible. Lamborghini says its process makes the material easier to sculpt. It could even allow for carbon connecting rods.

Source: Vitesse AuDessus 

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