Radical Canada Cup SR3 RSX race car tears up Mosport track on video

Let's face it - most of us would rather be racing cars for a living versus whatever we are driving to and from every day. Enter Radical Canada, who has built a frame work that can make that dream come true relatively easily. Radical Canada sells the race cars that enable the fairly average Canuck to get out there and live the fast-paced wild world of racing.

Well, at least campaign in the Radical Canada Cup as: driver, owner, transporter, crew chief, mechanic, waterboy, and president of their fan club.

The video here shows that these gentlemen racers can really go fast in these Radicals. Faster than some dedicated race cars with much more horsepower along with superbikes too. In a recent qualifying run for a Radical Canada Cup race, Antoine Comeau rides in a Radical SR3 RSX powered by a 1340cc 4-cylinder motor producing 260 horsepower.

No folks, this video is not sped up. And yes, this is Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (CTMP), a.k.a. Mosport, one of the most challenging tracks in North America. It's fast, it's dangerous, and there are loads of elevation changes all taking man and machine to the limits. Having driven this track for hundreds of laps over the years turning times over 10 seconds slower, even at that pace the track can be terrifying. So props to Mr. Comeau here and the machine that allowed him to set this lap, the Radical SR3 RSX.

Since we are keeping score here, we referenced the Wiki page for CTMP Mosport. The fastest lap of all time was set by an Audi R10 TDI car from ALMS driven by Rinaldo Capello running an impressive 1:04.094. However the Radical lap on video here was a respectable 1:19.87, setting the class record. We noted this lap was faster than several race cars and bikes from other series with pros at the wheel and more horsepower. Yes, faster than NASCAR Truck Series, Canadian Super Bike, and Pinty's NASCAR Series!

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