Ontario is leading the charge on making EV range anxiety a thing of the past.

As a part of the Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP), the government of Ontario has set up a grant program that is funding a total 485 electric vehicle charging stations across the province. Both Level 2 and 3 stations are part of this program and all of them will be operational and available to the public for free no later than March 31st, 2017.

The Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario (EVCO) grant program has been set up to work with both public and private partnerships, there are 24 partners in total, in order to set up a network of stations that make for easy in-city charging point access and allow for inter-city travel through Ontario.

These charging stations can be found everywhere from: Windsor, Sarnia, London, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Toronto, Oshawa, Kingston, Cornwall, Ottawa, Barrie, North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, Salut Ste. Marie to as far out as Wawa, Thunder Bay, Dryden and Kenora.

Nearly 500 EV charging stations coming to cities across Ontario


Many of these charging points will be at Tim Hortons and McDonalds parking lots, along with public parking facilities like Impark and buildings managed by Triovest. Every Ikea in Ontario will also have Level 3 charging stations. Many more stations can also be found at various municipal and provincial properties. A full list of all EVCO funded charging stations and program partners can be found here.

Chargers are located strategically to allow an EV driver to traverse across most of Ontario with Level 3 chargers being placed near highway ramps for fast top ups. Level 3 chargers, also known as fast chargers, allow a near empty EV battery to be topped up to 80 percent in 20 - 30 minutes.

At the completion of this program in March 2017, Ontario will have the largest network of Level 3 EV charging stations in Canada.

Drivers will find Level 2 chargers within cities and located at places where you’re more likely to spend additional time. Most of these Level 2 chargers will be at shopping centres, corporate buildings and public parking structures.

EVCO funding will go towards 274 Level 2 EV charging stations and 211 Level 3 stations at a cost of $19,845,122. All the charging stations are to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for free to any EV driver who wants to use it.

This is a bold step for Ontario and a leap forward towards a future that may one day see more electric vehicles than gasoline powered ones.

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