The RCMP reportedly received a call regarding the incident right before it occurred

A Volkswagen driver in Grand Prairie, Alberta was on the wrong end of some very un-Canadian-like road rage recently. The driver's encounter with a baton-wielding man resulted in two broken windows and facial cuts.

According to CTV News, Damian Dallyn was driving to meet someone on August 6 in order to resolve an ongoing landscaping dispute. The man in question identifies himself in the video as Dennis Tissington. He comes up to the car and, after tapping on the glass with the steel baton and having some choice words for Dallyn, smashes the driver's window, completely destroying it and sending glass flying everywhere. Dallyn claims he had glass shards in his mouth and received facial cuts as a result.

Tissington further demands on video that Dallyn leave, and when the driver holds his ground, the baton-wielding man takes a swing at the rear driver-side window, shattering it and leaving a hole.

The RCMP reportedly received a call regarding the incident the same day it occurred, and they said Dennis James Tissington was arrested and charged with mischief.

It seems allegedly there may be more to this story than the video shows. In a Facebook update posted on August 9, Tyler Stojan - who is Tissington's son-in-law - alleges that Dallyn's landscaping company caused damages to property, and demanded money from Stojan. Either way, a police matter.

This dispute clearly doesn't end here, but regardless, this is a scary video taken at face value.

Source: CTV News

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