After watching video, it's clear how invaluable dash cams are when proving innocence.


Late afternoon on August 7, 2016 a male driver in Brampton, Ontario (just north of Toronto) was driving along Peel Centre Drive as he approached an intersection at Team Canada Drive. What appears to be a sixth generation Honda Accord (1997-2002) makes a left turn directly in front of him after his car has already entered the intersection. A ticket was issued on the scene by police but the dashcam video appears to contradict the facts and is now under investigation.

The result is an obvious collision between the two cars caught on video, in all its glory.

It appears the impact was severe enough to trigger the passenger side airbag of the Accord, but it's hard to tell if the car with the dashcam had the same happen. Although seeing the driver of that car and passenger of the dashcam car walk around, it appears no major injuries were sustained.

As the video shows, the female driver making the left turn would have done so on a green light but failed to give-way to the car coming towards her. Watching the video, the incident seems cut and dry, but the story surrounding this traffic accident is where things get really interesting.

According to the driver of the car with the dashcam, who has only identified himself as "Brampton Citizen" via the YouTube account this video is posted to, explains that after a police officer arrived on scene, brief statements from both drivers and two pedestrians were taken. Soon after, the officer came back with a ticket for the driver of the dash cam car for being at-fault and causing the accident.

We reached out to Peel Regional Police for more details and Constable Baljit Saini was able to confirm the following for us, but couldn’t comment on anything further as the matter is still an ongoing investigation:

A 21 Division police cruiser arrived on scene at 4:30 PM. One female driver was in the left turning vehicle, one male driver and two passengers were in the vehicle going straight. No injuries were reported. The investigating officer spoke with both drivers and two independent witnesses. A Provincial Offence ticket was issued against the driver travelling straight on Peel Centre Drive for careless driving. The driver with the dashcam footage did not have equipment to show the officer any footage at the time the statement was taken. The officer encouraged the driver with dashcam footage to present their evidence in court.

As the video shows, the fault seems to fall upon the Accord driver making the left turn for not yielding right of way. However, it appears the independent witnesses may not have given the police officer on the scene a true and complete story, resulting in the at-fault ticket for the driver of the dashcam equipped car. It appears one of those witnesses can be heard yelling toward the end of the video.

The full text from Brampton Citizen can be found on the YouTube page.


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