Is this “the ultimate Ferrari"?

A classic Ferrari 275 GTB4 from 1967 is the star in the latest installment of the Jay Leno’s Garage. The rare vehicle belongs to jeweler and car enthusiast David Lee, who visited the garage for Jay to test drive.

“One of the most classically beautiful cars of all time,” Jay says about the Ferrari, which has a body designed by Pininfarina and is called “the ultimate Ferrari” by many. It debuted back in 1966 at the Paris Motor Show and quickly became one of the top sports cars in the 1960's.

Power comes from a 3.3-litre naturally-aspirated V12 engine with two valves per cylinder and six carburetors as standard. It produces 300 horsepower – enough for a top speed of 268 kilometres per hour (166.5 miles per hour).

Other improvements over the standard 275 include a redesigned transaxle, retuned handling, lower noise and vibration levels, and new Porsche-sourced gearbox synchronizers.

Back to this exact red 275 GTB4, Leno says it perfectly fits his tastes because it’s his “favourite, his era,” and it’s the “classic Ferrari – V12, front engine.” And, of course, it’s “perfectly proportioned – really one of the most beautiful cars of all time.”

Source: Jay Leno's Garage

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