Seller mentions it's a pre-production car "that is not supposed to exist."

Mustang fans, get your chequebooks ready. Though this classic Mustang doesn’t hail from the ‘60s or ‘70s, it’s nonetheless a worthy addition to any collection. It’s a 1995 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra pre-production prototype, and one of just a handful (if not the only one) known to still exist.

Up for grabs on eBay for a reasonable $21,995 (approx. $28,000 CAD), this vehicle “should not exist,” notes the seller. Though without it, the much-loved 1996 Mustang SVT Cobra wouldn’t have been the relative success that it was.

A year before Ford engineers went and shoved the 32-valve 4.6-litre V8 into the Mustang Cobra, it found a home in this 1995 prototype. It was a test bed for Ford, pushing the vehicle, the engine, and the new T-2R race differential to their limits in preparation for customer examples the following year.

This is car number 3,629 of just 4,005 vehicles used in testing. Of those prototypes, this is one of the few known to still exist outside of Ford facilities, somehow not meeting its fate in the crusher like nearly all of its counterparts.

After leaving Dearborn, it wound up in Colorado under the care of John Ames. It raced it in a number of SCCA events (considering it’s not street legal) before retiring and getting a full restoration from top to bottom.

The Chrystal White exterior and beige interior look like they came straight off the factory floor, while the odometer reads 96,101, most of those miles racked up during testing. It’s also the only known 1995 Mustang with a T-45 5-speed manual transmission.

Make sure to snag this pony car quick before it gets tucked away in a museum somewhere.


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