If you’re not a fan of the 911 just yet, there's a big chance you will become one after checking out Singer’s latest work

Singer will grace this year’s edition of the "Quail - A Motorsports Gathering" with a stunning Porsche 911 duo consisting of a 964 Coupe Minnesota and a 964 Targa Luxemburg. Both cars belong to the same Minnesota-based owner and will be shown in the metal tomorrow to demonstrate once again not only Singer’s exceptional attention to details, but also the tremendous amount of customizations it has to offer.

First up, the Minnesota started its life as a 1994 air-cooled model, but the owner replaced the original engine with a 3.8-litre Cosworth unit pushing out 350 horsepower through a six-speed manual gearbox. In addition, the car benefits from a roll-bar in the back, along with a series of other upgrades.

Singer was in charge of applying a Gunmetal Grey paint and a Tobacco Brown finish for interior which features leather sport seats combined with a suede mix weave with brass grommets. As a final touch, it has received a blue tachometer instead of Singer’s usual orange dials.

As for the Targa, it pays homage to the original 1965 model and is rocking an Ed Pink-developed 4.0-litre engine mated to a six-speed transmission. Not many people will notice, but the Targa hoop has just two air filtering louvres instead of the usual three as a way to make the car a tad more special.

Its Deep Orange exterior is complemented on the inside by the Tyler Tartan look with a seven-colour leather weave pattern featuring two shades of orange, four different types of blue, and cream accents. Singer also added a Navy Blue leather on some of the cabin’s areas and gave the removable carbon fibre roof a Navy canvas covering. For a bit of variety, the customized 911 also has a factory folding black top.

Singer has been keeping itself busy for the past seven years, managing to deliver a total of 50 heavily-modified cars all over the world, with more than 80 cars waiting to receive the company’s very best TLC in the future.

Source: Singer

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