This particular car, numbered M12 #60-14, was the last M12 Coupe to be built

If you're interested in owning a proverbial piece of automotive history, there's currently a Can-Am McLaren M12 Coupe for sale in California. Not only is it one of just eight ever made, it's the only one with the correct big block engine, in the form of a Chevrolet V8.

Few people are sure of what seller Kastner's Garage is asking for it, as it's listed online as "P.O.A.", or Price On Application, meaning you need to contact the seller to find out the cost. Despite this being the customer car version of the Can-Am McLarens, we're sure most customers out there won't be able to afford it.

The long and compelling ownership history of this M12 - which you can view here - begins in 1969, and after numerous owners, it ended up in its current home back in 2011.

This particular car, numbered M12 #60-14, was the last M12 Coupe to be built. Like all customer McLaren's, it was assembled in the Lambretta-Trojan factory of Peter Agg. It has a manual transmission, and features an M6 chassis, with the more aerodynamic bodywork of an M8A. The engine bay was specifically designed to house the Chevy V8, although according to the listing, several customers chose to use different manufacturers' engines.

The first time the new M12's were taken out was at the Circuit of St. Jovite - today's Circuit Mont Tremblant - but #60-12 overheated and was taken out of the race after 20 laps. This specific model, which was the spare chassis, never actually ran.

This street-legal piece of history can be yours, but just know ahead of time that it's a far cry from the luxurious road cars you're probably used to right now.

Photos courtesy of Hemmings

Source: Road & Track

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