Cars' disappearance leaves owners searching for answers

The Tesla Model S is not an easy car to steal, as it features a GPS tracking system that is permanently activated, a system that's incredibly effective.

Last year, a thief in Vancouver discovered as much, when the owner of a Model S he had stolen was able to follow real-time updates on the car’s location via the Tesla app and direct police to intercept him.

But two Model S owners in Germany are now searching for answers after their cars were stolen and disappeared without a trace, reports Electrek.

Unlike the Vancouver incident, both cars were stolen without the key. One was taken in Dusseldorf, Germany in June, the other - a brand-new car - from nearby Essen in August. Both were P90D models.

According to the owner of the second car, neither the police nor Tesla have found any trace of it.

A thread on the German Tesla Owners Club forum has produced a leading theory as to how the thief or thieves were able to circumvent the tracker: that the owners’ Tesla accounts were hacked - one admitted to using a weak password - and then the thief managed to either block the GPS signal or remove the sim card.

Add breaking into the car without the key, and these were clearly difficult, technologically-sophisticated crimes. Tesla hasn’t commented on the theories.

Sadly, it seems likely the stolen cars are long gone. Of more concern is whether or not there is a real, exploitable weakness in Tesla’s security systems.

Source: Electrek

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