Mitsubishi says it will be a global model

The announcement was made by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation CEO and President Osamu Masuko during his recent visit to South Australia’s Kangaroo Island. While he did not go into a lot of details, the man in charge at Mitsubishi Motors did say the "mini SUV EV" will be out in around four years and will have a maximum range of approximately 400 kilometres (248 miles).

In recent years, Mitsubishi has introduced a great number of alternatively-powered concepts, so now it’s nice to hear it finally has plans to diversify its eco-friendly range of models by adding a pure electric car. In light of the fuel economy scandal, the Japanese car manufacturer certainly needs to share this type of news about its intentions towards an electrified future as a way to try and balance things out.

With Nissan buying a 34 percent stake in Mitsubishi Motors for $2.17 billion USD, there’s now more flexibility in terms of the hardware, seeing as how Nissan is now the largest shareholder and basically has control over Mitsubishi. The tie-up is already bearing fruit, with the next-gen Navara and Triton likely to ride on the same platform. Nissan is hard at work preparing the second-gen Leaf with a range of more than 322 km (200 miles), so perhaps Mitsubishi can use some of the hardware for its future EVs.

Note: Mitsubishi all-electric eX concept pictured.


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