If you're thinking 'wasn't that its name last year?', you're just confused and understandably so.

What's in a name, indeed. Volkswagen Canada's stretched-out Golf has had its share of different monikers over the years, but it's still a great vehicle - and one of the rare true wagons in Canada - regardless of its title. For the 2017 model year, VW has announced the car will be renamed yet again, and will henceforth be known as the Golf Sportwagen.

If you're thinking "wasn't that its name last year?", you're just confused, but understandably so. For the 2016 model year, it was known as the Golf Sportwagon (with an "o" instead of an "e" at the end). Before that, it was known in Canada simply as the Golf Wagon. The new name matches its U.S. counterpart this time around.

Automakers tend to be shy away from certain words, so they do their best to put a different spin on them. For instance, "wagon" can become "Sportwagon" or "Estate," while "minivan" can be "MPV" for example.

Volkswagen may be a little more eager to rename this Golf, but a one-letter change isn't likely to confuse any customers. If it gets a name change a fourth time in a row in 2018, though, we may need to give Volkswagen an intervention.

Be sure to offer comments below on what name is best and of the VW moves in general.

2016 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon pictured

Source: The Truth About Cars

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