The oh-so-familiar boxy styling will be largely carried over.

The current-generation Jeep Wrangler has been around for almost 10 years, so suffice it to say the time has come for a replacement, which will carry on the tradition of being a body-on-frame SUV. We’ve seen prototypes undergoing testing several times, and although these were clad in camouflage, the disguise wasn’t able to mask the boxy shape.

Jeep will play it safe in terms of styling and will give the fourth-gen Wrangler (JL) an evolutionary design. But there will be quite a few changes to differentiate the two models, including a more curved front grille, and a new windshield which spy images have shown will not sit as upright when compared to the outgoing model’s glass.

The subtle cosmetic tweaks will be implemented not just for the sake of giving the 2018 Wrangler a fresh appearance, but also to reduce drag, which will consequently boost fuel economy. You will still be able to identify the model immediately, but there will be some revisions here and there to keep up with the times.

While the styling is going to be very familiar, underneath the skin there will be some significant changes, as the fourth-gen Wrangler will use more aluminum in its construction to shave off weight. In addition, the reputable off-roader is going to spawn for the first time ever a more utilitarian pickup derivative as seen in a batch of spy images we shared more than a month ago.

The two-door version and the four-door Unlimited will both enter production next year at the Toledo, Ohio factory where FCA is investing $700 million USD to get it ready for the arrival of the new generation. Most likely in 2018, the pickup will join the family.


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