It's really, really big. Like, huge.

The new Ford Super Duty pickup truck is available with the biggest fuel tank fitted to any heavy duty truck on sale in the United States or Canada. In fact, you’ll only find bigger on commercial haulage trucks.

So how big is it? No less than 182 litres (48 gallons). It's a big number, but it doesn’t really convey the true scale of the thing. That number needs putting in perspective.

Think of it like this: 182 litres is the same volume as a medium-size outdoor trash can. And a water heater big enough for a typical family home. And three full-size beer kegs with room to spare. And a fancy jellyfish aquarium.

How about how much it costs to fill up? At current average provincial prices, a full 182 litre tank of regular gas would cost $194.

What about range? Assuming average highway consumption of 15.6 litres per 100 kilometres (15 miles per gallon), those 182 litres would last 1,159 kilometres (720 miles). That’s enough to drive from Vancouver, B.C. to Edmonton, Alberta on a single tank!

The 182-litre tank is standard-fit on Super Duty models with a gasoline engine, and optional on diesels. Marketing manager Brian Rathsburg had this to say: "We want to give our customers a more productive tool for getting the most out of their trucks. This means less downtime at the fuel pump and performing routine maintenance, and more time on the job."

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