Forget high school pranks, painting creative parking spots is where it's at.

No one really thinks of parking spaces as anything more than a bit of asphalt or concrete that your car pulls into. A few U.S. high schools are challenging that notion by allowing their seniors (grade 12 students) to paint and personalize their parking spots.


Painted parking spots by high school students
Painted parking spots by high school students
Painted parking spots by high school students

Schools like West Orange in Florida and James Bowie in Texas, typically invite their grade 12 students to come and personalize their parking space at the end of the summer a few days before everyone returns to class.

In a rare glimpse at what this would look like from above, we see the students’ handiwork over the course of a Saturday in this drone photo from West Orange High School in Winter Garden, Florida. Viewed from this aerial vantage point, the school parking lot looks much like a mosaic or patchwork quilt. Surely not words typically used to describe often grey parking lots.

In an interview with PEOPLE, West Orange's Senior Assistant Principal John Linehan says "It's something we do every year. […] We have a designated Saturday during the summer when students come with friends and family and paint their spot for the year."

Students get to keep the spot they paint for the year. And while designs have to be approved by administration, students are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild.

Among the wide variety of creatively personalized parking spaces, we find everything from tributes to favourite sports teams, to parodies from comics and classic cartoons, to imaginative takes on popular music.

While these freshly painted personalized parking spots look lovely now, we wonder how they’ll hold up after a few dozen times a car’s pulled in and out leaving behind tire tracks. Despite that, we do think every reserved spot should have its own personalized art.

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