The video then outlines the main problem with slow drivers who take up the passing lane

To some people, the concept of using the left lane for its intended purpose - to pass slower traffic - may seem perfectly obvious. But for many, this is a foreign concept and potentially a dangerous one here in Canada. Do a quick poll of your friends, and we're betting you'd be surprised by who does and doesn't know how the passing lane works.

Vox has done all of us a favour, and released a public service announcement of sorts. In a new video, the site not only reiterates the importance of how to use the left left lane, but also explains why it's safer to do so.

The narrator admits that even he didn't think there was a problem with using the left lane whenever he wanted. But he was taught an important lesson when a police officer pulled him over for driving in the passing lane.

The video then outlines the main problem with slow drivers who take up that part of the road. The biggest issue is that drivers who want to get around slow traffic, but can't use the left lane, are compelled to move in and out of multiple lanes, around numerous cars driving at various speeds, all of which increases the likelihood of a collision.

The narrator goes so far as to outline research that says driving five miles per hour (8 km/h)) over the speed limit is actually safer than driving the same speed under the speed limit.

To really hammer home their point, Vox's video shows a clip of a really scary moment caused by this confusion. A Chevrolet Camaro makes a dangerous move around a slow-moving Chevrolet Silverado on the shoulder, and eventually all three collide and end up driving off the road.

The moral of the story here is that if you don't need to be in the left lane, it makes sense to stay out of it, unless you need to pass someone. And the next time your blood is boiling because you're stuck behind someone going 85 km/h on a major Canadian highway, don't do anything dangerous. Instead, share this story, because the more people who have this knowledge, the better.

Source: Vox

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