The city is likely attempting to make it easier to own an EV in the future

Regardless if you drive a car, ride a bike, or walk to get around downtown, seeing a large, heavily-populated city without any gas stations is bound to be remarkably strange and frustrating. Downtown Vancouver, though, is teetering very close to having almost nowhere to fuel up vehicles.

Vancouver's downtown core currently has just two gas stations, and the owner of the Chevron located on West Georgia Street is currently entertaining bids to see what would be offered for the land. The closest alternate gas station is an Esso located on Burrard Street.

That change isn't relegated to downtown Vancouver, either.

Besides the almighty dollar being a big factor behind the property possibly being sold, it's worth noting that the city of Vancouver is currently making a push for more eco-friendly alternatives to conventional vehicles.

There are, for instance, 51 public charging stations downtown. Even if electric vehicle sales still lag far behind other cars - and they do, making up about two percent of all registered vehicles in B.C. - the city is clearly attempting to make it easier to own an EV in the future.

That change isn't relegated to downtown Vancouver, either. According to Michael Ervin, whose London, Ontario-based company Kent Group Ltd. tracks the refining and retail sectors of the petroleum industry, Canada as a whole has gone from 20,000 gas stations in 1990, to 12,000.

Company spokesman Adrien Byrne told the Globe and Mail that the areas near the gas station are becoming "increasingly transit-oriented and walkable." He adds that there have been few complaints from people about the lack of gas stations.

It's difficult to argue with Chevron when you see the numbers being thrown around. The Georgia St. property was recently assessed at a little over $10.1 million, which is a 14.5 percent increase compared to 2015, when the land was worth $8.8 million.

As a driver in downtown Vancouver, it looks like your choices will be pretty simple in the future - drive outside the city to fuel up, or buy an EV. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?

Photo courtesy PoYang on Flickr

Source: Globe and Mail, Global News

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