When you’re on a machine powered by a motor, you don’t expect one powered by two legs to be faster.


A motorcycle rider out on a group ride captured video of a cyclist passing them on the inside along a single lane mountain road as they reached speeds topping 80 kilometres per hour.

The motorcyclist that filmed this clip on what appears to be a helmet-mounted GoPro (or similar) video camera sounds thrilled to be passed by a cyclist. We can hear him encouraging the cyclist and even goes out of his way to alert his riding buddy ahead of him to make way for the cyclist passing them on the inside.


Cyclist passes motorcycles on mountain road
Cyclist passes motorcycles on mountain road
Cyclist passes motorcycles on mountain road

Watching it through to the end, we even hear him become angry at a driver of a pickup truck who seems to be intentionally blocking the bicycle rider and not allowing the inside pass.

Motorcyclists -yes, I ride too- take a lot of flak for being inconsiderate and aggressive. And although there are times this is true, often triggered by ignorant drivers who make sharing the road incredibly dangerous for us, more often than not, riders are friendly, good-natured people who focus all our attention on the road (no Pokemon Go and riding here) and will go out of our way to help those around us.

Just as the motorcyclist who filmed this, we are incredibly impressed and thoroughly enjoyed seeing this hero of the pedals take on internal combustion and win. This is one determined cyclist and we want whatever he’s having for breakfast.


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